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Have you ever felt that you have so much to offer but no place to validate your skills and gifting given by God? You are not alone on that matter. Many feel the same way; a chance to hone in and sharpen your skills but not having start studying  at a college or university level is difficult when you have work, church, ministerial or  family commitments. 

You don’t have have it all together to begin your journey to study the purpose and destiny inside of you through Christ. All you need is a ‘yes Lord, I will follow you’ . He is a Master at working out the rest. 

Our Memberships

Our membership scheme starts at the Trainee Level. We strongly believe in laying the right foundation in your study life so that you build according to God’s pattern. Your journey starts at the foundation level, regardless of the membership you choose. Choose 1 that you believe is where your need to start. 

foundation level

Intercessor Coalition

Everyone is an intercessor; but there are those who are assigned on special mission/assignments for God. This membership is packed with content to develop believers on the journey towards becoming a loyal, faithful intercessor for furtherance of His Kingdom. 

foundation level 

Council of prophetic people

There is a lot of ‘prophetic abuse’ and ignorance out there and it has brought this precious ministry into disrepute. This membership starts the journey towards reestablishing present truth for prophetic people at any level of their gifting.  

foundation level

association of mentors

Many people seek for authentic, experienced and mature mentors who can guide them in many ways. This membership has content to kick-start emerging mentors that need training in mentoring skills to enable them to make a real difference to ‘mentees’ that come their way.

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Whether you have decided to join us for the long haul and realise your God given purpose or try a module or two, start your journey with us today.

"We offer distance learning but we are not distant with our learners".
Adel Pinnock, Director

What Happens next after the foundation Level?

Seasoned Level

You work on shaping & maintaining God's design to a high specification.

Skilled Level

You begin the journey to construct your purpose design

Just want to enrol on a course? You can study a specific course per module without joining a membership.

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