mentorship scheme

About the Scheme

We aim to help you reach your vocational and ministrial goals through the Mentorship Scheme

We do this by giving you training. support , matching and monitoring throughout the mentoring relationship

Mentors take a voluntary role whilst mentees subscribe to a membership plan.

The mentoring scheme lasts for 14 months in total:

  • Pre Mentoring phase (2months)
  • Mentoring scheme (12 months when matched.

The PRE-MENTORING PHASE is mandatory lasting 2 months and part of our screening process. To find out more about this, look at our FAQ section.

Want to Join?


This phase is your FIRST STEP that you must take. Don’t subscribe to the other memberships until you are matched

  • 2 x 30 mins SPSP sessions
  • £15 one time payment
  • 2 months duration

To pay the £15 one time payment, click “Buy Now” button below

For 12 months at £5 per month, you benefit from;

  • 1 x 30mins virtual mentoring (monthly)

To pay on a monthly basis, go to “payment options” below.

For 12 months at £10 per month, you will benefit from;

  • 1 x 1hr virtual mentoring (bi-monthly)

To pay on a monthly basis, go to “payment options” below.

For 12 months at £20 per month, you will benefit from;

  • 2 x 1hrs virtual mentoring (bi-monthly)

To pay on a monthly basis, go to “payment options” below.

Payment Options


The Pre-Mentoring phase is our screening process and lasts 2 months. You access this phase only when we have said that your are suitable to be screened. It’s a mandatory part of the scheme in which both Mentees must complete before being matched.

It involves;

  • Complete 2 SPSP sessions with our professional therapist
  • Submit 2 journals on the SPSP sessions you have completed. We will appraise them with you.

This phase is a one time payment of £15.

You will be re-driected to this page.

once we have received your payment:

you will redirected to this page. 

go to the bottom of the page that says” Already signed up?…”

click the link and you will be asked to put in a password* to access the PMP page

*Do check your email. The Password you must use each time, will be sent within 48 hours of your payment being received to access the ‘pre mentoring page (PMP)’

  • The pre mentoring phase lasts for 2 months.
  • The mentoring relationship lasts for 12 months. 

There is, however, that waiting period of waiting to be matched with someone. No one can predict how long it will be before we find a suitable match.

Overall, you are with us for 14 months in contact time with the mentorship scheme. 

We will match you with one of our team members. If it is a non leader, we send you their application form (without their personal details) for you to look at. You then let us know if you want to proceed. 

If you have personal issues that may affect your mentoring relationship, we have set up a qualified therapist to help you work through these issues.  As mentor/Mentee, you will receive 2 sessions within the Pre-Mentoring Phase.   

Mentees: Once you have a match and subscribed to a membership plan (Gold, Platinum, or Diamond) you have access to this service depending on your membership plan.

Your very 1st step is to complete our

Mentee application form 

You are free to leave t any time you are with us. We have a terms of service in which outlines our cancellation policy in detail. 

Please click here to read our terms.

SPSP stands for “safe place, safe space”. It’s a place to share why you want to be mentored, what could stand in your way of being mentored, your history, etc. This is a one to one session with one or two of our leaders in which they will spend time to find out more about you and vice versa.

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